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About Shewchuk Seeds

Our Company

Located 33 km. southwest of Blaine Lake, Saskatchewan, we are proudly a 100% family owned and operated 5th generation farm.  Our farm was established in 1909 and we have been in the seed business since 1979.

Our farm grows a variety of oilseeds, cereals, and pulse crops, both commercially and for pedigreed seed use.  We are select seed growers and processors with a strong focus on producing quality seed for the success of our end grower customers.  



What you can expect from us:

Product Knowledge

Unsurpassed knowledge of the seed varieties on our farm.  We often grow our seed varieties large scale on thousands of acres as both commercial and pedigreed production.  This gives us a broad understanding of agronomic traits these varieties possess, including weathering, pest, drought, and disease resistance, as well as plant growth characteristics and harvestability.  We know it because we grow it!

Full Seed Analysis Testing

We strive to provide the highest quality seed for your farm.  To us, insuring quality seed means testing to provide complete transparency of the seed lot.  Every seed lot that leaves our farm recieves a full testing analysis including: Germination, Vigor, Thousand kernal weight, Fusarium, Cochliobolus sativus, True loose smut (Barley) as well as other tests.

Tracability Of Seed Lot

We grow, process, and sell all of our seed.  Every step taken to produce certified seed on our farm is documented to high standards for our quality assuarance system.  This means every seed that leaves our farm can be completely traced to it's seed source, field, growing conditions, environmental pressure, herbicide use, harvest, storage, and cleaning.

Bottom Line Prices

Our seed is retailed on our farm.  Without added transport, building, labour, and service expenses, you can expect to pay as much as 20% less for your seed when buy from us.

Services Above and Beyond

We provide an 80' truck scale on site capable of accommodating B trains to load seed out 365 days a year. Bagging services can also be provided to fill mini totes. Financing for your seed purchase is also available.

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